Clean Gel Polish With a Shining and Moisturizing Cleanser

22. 05 .2015

1991No Sticky Finish Cleanser is a unique conditioning cleanser that gently strengthens while hydrating cuticles. The cuticle oil is an added benefit that prevents dehydration of the skin and nails while removing the sticky layer left behind by LED/UV products.

No Sticky Finish Cleanser is the final step in the manicure process to remove the tacky layer and create a beautiful shine. Nails may feel a bit tacky even after the last curing stage. Rubbing nails with the No Sticky Finish removes the tackiness and smooths nails giving them a high gloss finish.

No Sticky Finish Cleanser will keep your nails stronger and healthier.

*It’s important to allow the remover to work for at least 10 minutes to fully break the bond to the natural nail. Gel polish should never be peeled or chipped off nails. Doing so can damage the nail plate and create divots or pockets in the natural nail bed.




Follow these simple steps for an easy and carefree removal.

Step 1

Using a 100 grit nail file break the gel seal by completely filing off the shiny top layer. By removing the shiny top layer you will help to keep your nails in great condition!

Step 2

Pour a small amount of gelliebeans™ Best Remover onto gelliebeans lint free wipe. Wrap each wipe with a gelliebeans™ foil wrap to create a moisturizing pouch over each fingernail. Let rest for 10 minutes.

Step 3

After 10 minutes, remove finger from pouch and gently push the gel off the nail with the gelliebeans™ gel remover/cuticle pusher. Excess gel can be easily buffed off. Now you are ready for you next gelliebeans™ manicure!

No Sticky Finish Cleanser is also available as part of the Starter Kit, shown here:1989 Starter Kit1991

1989 Starter Kit

Repair and Regrow Your Natural Lashes!

26. 03 .2015

Its no secret that women want long, luscious eyelashes… they make your eyes wider, brighter and more awake! So it’s no wonder why women are now investing in lash growth enhancers to boost lash growth and repair damaged lashes. With so many lash enhancement products on the market it’s hard to tell which one is best for you.

Our lashes go through a good amount of daily wear and tear. Improper care and treatment, such as, sleeping with your eye makeup on, rubbing your eyes, wearing false eyelashes or extensions and using manual eyelash curlers can weaken and damage lashes. Even diet and nutrition, medications and certain disorders can be a factor.

HORMONE based lash enhancers contain prostaglandins, which increase the duration of the anagen, or active growth phase of the lash resulting in an increase in length, thickness and darkness of lashes. These types on enhancers do come with a series of side effects. Prostaglandins have been known to darken the color of the iris, create red/brown rings around the eyes and cause itchy lids and irritation. Several of these side effects are often permanent.

PROTEIN based lash enhancers, made up of nutrients, amino acids and extracts, act as a conditioner to nurture and strengthen lashes and extend the anagen growth phase. These enhancers work at the cellular level to boost lash length and density with no side effects or irritation to the skin.

There’s no right or wrong choice as to which formulation is best. It’s all about personal preference and what works for you!

Lash (1)

We recommend LashFood’s Phyto-Medic Natural EyeLASH Enhancer which is Eco Certified making it the first of it’s kind to be 100% organic.

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