How to get rid of Gray & White Brow Hairs!

Super easy way to get rid of white and gray eyebrow hairs! Stop plucking them out! #raiseyoureyeq #eyeqbeauty

Here are five EASY steps to cover up those gray and white brow hairs!!! By using the RefectoCil Blonde Brow you can pre-treat those stubborn gray and white hairs allowing the RefectoCil Cream Tint to penetrate for full coverage.

Step One: Mix 1″ RefectoCil Blonde Brow with 20 drops of RefectoCil 3% CREAM Oxidant ONLY.

Step Two: Clean eyebrows with RefectoCil Saline Solution before applying RefectoCil Blonde Brow mixture.

Step Three: Apply RefectoCil Skin Protecting Cream around brows where you are not putting the Blonde Brow mixture. Apply Blonde Brow mixture evenly on all hairs from root to tip!

Pre-Treatment Times:

5 minutes minimum – 20 minutes maximum 

First time using pre-treatment use minimum time, increase as needed. DO NOT EXCEED 20 MINUTES

Step Four: Remove the Blonde Brow mixture with wet cotton pad, after the desired application time

Step Five: Apply RefectoCil Cream Tint of your choice for ONE MINUTE after removal of Blonde Brows mixture for perfectly colored brows! Bye, Bye STUBBORN GRAYS!


*Service should be done by trained licensed professionals only.